Not Just Weddings,But Celebrations for Life's Occasions

Established in 2000, Digital Grooves DJ Entertainment is a seasoned ,professional  DJ and entertainment professional that breaks the mold. My goal is not to simply provide music but to create soundtracks and build upon the spoteneity of the moment that take events to another level putting my heart and soul into making your celebration a success.

I love music and love being a part of people's lives, so the fact that I am a professional DJ only makes sense. I,as your DJ  is unrivaled in music knowledge . And that works well as there is not a style of music around that we don't have in our catalog of more than a million songs.

From Doo wop to Hip Hop,Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa,Classical to Indie,Country , International music from other countries,I got it and played it all. It's really amazing how the right music in the right hands at the precise moment can create memories that truly last a lifetime.